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We have kittens and cubs!!!!

Maclaw Bengals is very happy to announce our beautiful Tatudtiger Serenity Maclaw ( Zuri) gave birth on Friday 7th. March at 3.30 pm to 3 gorgeous healthy kittens.
Zuri will be retired after this litter and we are very pleased to say the birth was a text book birth for her with no complications.

We had a bumper weekend and our fabulous F1 Gayzette Chani Maclaw gave birth to 4 absolute little stunners at 6.00 pm Sunday 9th. March.
The cubs are very vocal, healthy and feeding well.

So congratulations to our two studs Littlestar Pawnee of Maclaw Bengals ( Big Red), and our new boy Maclaw Bengals King Kronos ( Junior).
Big Red is the father of Zuri's kittens and Junior is the father of Chani's cubs.

Pictures to follow very shortly but for now we will just allow our beautiful girls a well earned rest to get to know their babies.

Posted on 10 Mar 2014 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Interesting Article

Thinking of owning a bengal ?
We have this informative link to Olly & Tibs about bengals.

Posted on 06 Mar 2014 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Farewell Sweet Boy

crying Maclaw Bengals is saddened and disheartened by the behaviour of a few horrible people out there.

Orion was born in 2010 and his first owner was a very nice but simple woman who found she couldn't handle him, so he came home to us. We found he had Tritrichomonas foetus
(Tritrichomonas foetus is a single celled flagellated protozoan parasite that is known to be a pathogen of the bovine reproductive tract as well as the intestinal tract of cats.)
A nasty little parasite that causes severe diarrhoea in cats and can dehydrate a kitten in days.
He was severely under weight and both we and our vet spent months getting him back to full health, even going so far as our vet going to Edinburgh University Veterinary to get an untested treatment for TF called Ronidazole, which we felt was Orions only chance at this stage as he was slowly fading away from the cat he had been when he left us.
Needless to say this worked and we found he picked up rapidly once the TF was treated.
Our vet tested him for everything she could think of and Orion was clear and thriving.
We decided he needed a new and loving home, and when a young man with a little boy came to see him we felt things were looking up. The little boy really seemed to love Orion and the father explained his son came to him at week ends and holidays as he and the little boys mum had split up.

He promised a good and loving home for Orion and we explained about his past and asked that they keep him as a house cat, to which the young man agreed.

Unfortunately some people lie!

Orion was back with us in less than three months with a badly broken hind leg.
The young man had not kept up his insurance and could not afford to have the leg seen to so was asking us to take him, we did of course and I advised this person he would not be getting Orion back.
The story was he had been let out and had been run over, however the young mans girlfriend accidently let slip on the phone that he had kicked Orion in a fit of temper and broken his leg.
Obviously this is heresay and we cannot prove anything but for Orion's sake we could not let him go back to this person.
We were so angry!

We spent 6 months going backward and forwards to the vets, The leg was badly broken in three places and we would like to thank the PDSA vet at Middlesbrough who had set Orions leg, because our own vet advised us under normal circumstances the PDSA have to save money and time and usually amputate such a bad break. He could obviously see Orion was special.

Orion had a metal apparatus to hold his leg static which had to be cleaned daily. Orion had to have physio which I did every day after his apparatus came off. The leg was stiff and he found it difficult to get full movement back so we decided to bathe him daily in warm water and do his physio that way.
He was on pain killers everyday for 3 month and through it all he remained playful, loving and gentle.
Eventually we found the movement was coming back gradually and he started to run around in our home, but it was obvious he had been allowed outside and everytime someone opened the door he made a beeline for it.
We decided to put him in with our youngest stud boy for company and let him see the outside world again.
He loved it and when we were outside he would chirrup for a stroke or a cuddle.
And always running on his Maclaw Wheel.

We then thought it was time to try again to find him a loving home but be very careful this time who he would be going home with.

A young couple, Claire and James came to see him and fell in love with him immediately. They advised us they had two children,
lived in a fairly rural area called Clent, in the West Midlands.
They had a huge garden with a paddock at the end of it.
We just had a good feeling about them and decided we would take a chance on them.

Orion went to live with them in May and we were so happy for him, he literally jumped into his carrier to start his new forever life.
James sent us lovely pictures of him enjoying himself and advised their young daughter and he were firm friends and Orion loved her dearly as she did him.
We could not have been happier for our big, gentle boy. We thought at last! he's got his happy ending.

Unfortunately on Sunday 27th October we got a very distraught phone call from Claire, Orion had been playing with the next door cat who he was friends with and when he came in he was a little unwell.
He had diarrhoea and started vomiting, Claire and James are responsible owners and immediately took him to their vet.
The vet informed them there was nothing they could do and Orion would have to be put to sleep because someone had fed him poisoned meat and his kidneys were badly compromised, they had apparently laced the meat with
Poor Claire, James and their young daughter were devastated and don't understand how anyone can be this cruel.
The cowardly person who did this did not only murder our sweet boy, but the lady who lives next door to Claire and James lost her cat in the same manner.

All I can say is I do not understand the mentality of a so called human being who can do this to a harmless pet and his lovely family.
May God forgive you because I certainly don't.

The wild animals are out there people and they are not four legged.
We know it isn't always possible but this is why we think keeping our guys as house cats is a safer alternative for all of us.
We know the heartache and pain Claire, James and their family have been subjected to by this callous, cruel, unfeeling piece of dirt.

If you live in their area please take care, this scumbag could strike again!

Bless your sweet soul Orion Mintaka RIP our beloved boy.
7th.May 2010 - 27th. October 2013

Posted on 30 Oct 2013 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Calisto's cubs

As promised here is the picture of Calisto's five beautiful little babies.

This was taken four hours after Cally delivered she was very tired but happy and purring like a lawn mower bless her.....

Posted on 23 Jul 2013 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Good News!! we have new babies

Maclaw Bengals is very happy to announce Queen Calisto delivered 5 beautiful kitten's yesterday. Mother and babies doing well, our newest Stud King Kronos received a lovely tea of his favourite Sardines in Tomato sauce in recognition of his efforts, he seemed very pleased to know he was a daddy.

Cally although very tired had cooked chicken breast for her supper and slept
as peacefully as her beautiful new cubs.

This is Calisto and King Kronos first ever kitten's.

Photographs to follow very soon. wub

Well done Cally and Junior we are very proud of you both.

Posted on 18 Jul 2013 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Happy Birthday Duncan

Friday 7th. June was our Stud Duncans birthday, it was such a lovely day I spent most of it in the garden with him. He decided to charge up and down the back path of the garden, chasing flies and running around like a kitten.

He's such a good boy, we don't have any special form of cat fencing but Duncan doesn't need it. He simply enjoys being in the garden and doesn't even attempt to get over the fencing, when he was a kitten I bought him a jacket and a lead and he took to it very easily but now I don't even use the jacket and lead. I trust him completely.

We had a really nice day, he terrorised the two younger boys in their enclosure, playfully of course and he made noises at the birds and hissed at Big Red who completely ignored him while sunning himself on his basking shelf.

He rolled around on the lawn and attacked my feet while I sat on my garden chair.

When it was time for his evening meal he had cooked chicken, which he absolutely loves and Mia gave him a thorough wash just to let him know she loves him too.

When I locked him up for the night he and Mia were cuddling happily in their basket and he was purring like a lawn mower just the way he used to when he was a kitten, four years ago.

We love Duncan and we think he's very special, he's extremely good natured and loving. As a stud he's never pushy or impatient with any of my queens.
He's considerate and gentle, a perfect gentleman.

Happy Birthday Handsome Boy. wub

Posted on 10 Jun 2013 by Jacqueline Hodgson


Little Milly was watching a snail on the window pane and her Mum Sachi sent us the picture so we just had to share, isn't this a lovely photograph of one of our beautiful Bengals wub

Posted on 06 Jun 2013 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Charlotte and Dallas

Our last two kittens from last year were re homed recently and their new owners, Rachael and Wayne sent us a couple of lovely pictures of our precious girls.

They have wonderful new pet names which we love, and Rachael tells us both girls are settled into their new home really well.

We are so happy for Takara (Dallas) and Yasigi ( Charlotte), and we know they will be well looked after and loved to bits by their new family.

We couldn't resist sharing the pictures with all of you: biggrin

Posted on 06 Jun 2013 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Happy Birthday Sukira

Our beautiful Sukira is having a birthday.

She loves Salmon steaks and for her special tea thats exactly what Sukira had.

Needless to say she enjoyed her tea very much and when we put her to bed this evening she was happily purring while she was stroked and fussed over, licking her lips to show us she approved.

Happy Birthday special little Birthday girl wub

Posted on 19 May 2013 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Bye Paris

Our beautiful Paris has now gone to live whith her new family, we are so pleased for her and we know Sachi and Steve will love her just as much as we do.
Sachi emailed to let us know she took a couple of days to settle in but is now making herself well and truly at home.

Sachi sent us a lovely picture of our special girl playing with her new dad on the stairs and of course we had to share wub

We wish Paris and her new family a long and very happy life together.

Posted on 13 May 2013 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Our last three beautiful kittens have now found their Forever homes

Dallas ( NOW RESERVED) is just as lovely as her beautiful mother Sukira, a real spotted Bengal stunner. She's fairly shy with strangers but once she gets to know you she's friendly, loving and extremely cheeky. She's very inquisitive and into everything. Loves water and isn't aversed to getting in the bath even if it's occupied.

Charlotte ( NOW RESERVED) is a stunning rosette bengal and very intelligent, when it comes to trouble making this little beauty is always in the forefront. She loves nothing better than a chin rub and is very loving, and gentle. She's very protective of her smaller sister Paris, and constantly cleans and cuddles her.

Paris(sold) is our beautiful and stunning little queen, she has everything you need in a perfect show/breed bengal. Unfortunately she's very shy and quiet, she follows her bigger sister Charlotte everywhere. Paris would need a special home with no dogs and possibly older children for company and love.

She's very nervous and although brought up with her siblings in our own home sometimes kittens just turn out to be more sensitive than their brothers and sisters and thats the case with our sweet little Paris.

Posted on 16 Apr 2013 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Do you know how to tell how old your cat is in human years?

Veterinary advances and improved nutrition mean more and more cats are living longer . Over the past 10 years, there has been a 15% increase in cats over the age of 10 years in the USA and this is likely to be seen here in the UK too. Cats are considered to be ‘geriatric’ at 10 years old but many live to 16 and beyond.

1 .............................................................15
2 .............................................................24
3 .............................................................28
4 .............................................................32
5 .............................................................36
6 .............................................................40
7 .............................................................44
8 .............................................................48
9 .............................................................52
10 ...........................................................56
11 ...........................................................60
12 ...........................................................64
13 ...........................................................68
14 ...........................................................72
15 ...........................................................76
16 ...........................................................80
17 ...........................................................84
18 ...........................................................88
19 ...........................................................92
20 ...........................................................96

Older cats, in common with older people have changing metabolism and ways in which their bodies work. Ageing itself is not however a disease! Older cats are less active so their muscle tone reduces. This can inhibit their ability to run and jump. Stiffness of joints can occur. Appetite tends to reduce with age in line with deterioration of the senses of taste and smell. Dental disease is common in the older cat and can discourage eating. Weight loss and constipation can occur in the older cat as bowel function deteriorates and can reduce the amount of nutrients absorbed from food. Thirst can increase with disease but can also decrease in old age which can cause problems especially in cats with kidney problems. Sleep tends to increase. Old cats often have poor coats which may make them less resistant to the cold and wet.

Vocalisation appears to play a big part in the ageing process with cats becoming more demanding, especially at night. A number of owners report that the calling stops when the cat is allowed to sleep in the bedroom. However often the cat will jump off the bed and wander off downstairs only to repeat the behaviour. Deafness seems to play a role in the harshness of the cry and it is possible that chronic cerebral hypoxia (deficiency of oxygen supply to the brain) could possibly produce symptoms of senility and short-term memory problems causing general confusion at night. Cognitive dysfunction may also be a cause of a change in the sleep/wake cycle causing some cats to be more likely to be awake at night. There is also a possibility that hypertension (high blood pressure) causing general discomfort, headache and disorientation could easily promote a distress response. Night-time vocalisation is often reported as one of the behavioural signs in cats suffering from hyperthyroidism.

This is a condition seen frequently in the elderly cat; a tumour on the thyroid gland causes metabolic changes including increased heart and respiration rates, increased appetite and weight loss. Old cats still like to play but generally the owner has to instigate a game and games should be less active than for a younger cat. Older cats still groom themselves but arthritic changes can limit the extent to which an older cat can reach especially around their back legs and along their backs. Many older cats start to have ‘accidents’ indoors often as a result of an increasing reluctance to urinate and defecate outdoors, either due to the presence of aggressive cats in the territory or an increased sensitivity to inclement weather conditions. The provision of an indoor litter tray invariably solves the problem but you should provide a litter tray with low sides and in an accessible position to accommodate arthritic joints and stiffness.
We in this country seem to treat our own elderly very poorly, perhaps it’s time for a lot more tolerance and understanding both in our own elderly and our older pets.

Everyone oo’s and ah’s over the Adorable kitten,but who stoops to an elderly cat or dog to stroke her/his head and tell them they are loved?
Very few. smile

Posted on 31 Mar 2013 by Jacqueline Hodgson


We just got an update this week from Steve on Zues, he's feeling fully recovered now and getting on with Tinkerbell much better.

Steve tells us he's suddenly taken to eating biscuit! which is a new one for our big, beautiful boy. Right from first weaning Zues was always a pure meat eating carnivore.

It just goes to show never rule anything out with cats, like humans they can be very fickle.

Needless to say we are so glad Zues is well and fully recovered from his awful accident.

And just to prove how well he is we thought we'd show you the lovely picture Steve sent us of him relaxing on the bed.


Posted on 26 Mar 2013 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Bye Bye Holly Berry

Our sweet little Holly left us for her forever home on Thursday.

Holly has gone to live with Kathryn and her lovely daughters in Hartlepool.

We know Kathryn is a great fan of leopard print and her girls tell us she has it everywhere in her home so we think Holly is going to fit right in.

We will miss you little Holly and we hope you and your new family will be very happy.

This is a picture of Holly at 4 weeks old, is'nt she cute?

Posted on 24 Feb 2013 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Anyone looking for a Bengal pet, We Need Your Help Now!

Come on guys you know you'd pay more than £100.00 for a moggy or a cross bengal if you went to the RSPCA!!
There must be someone looking for a little sweetheart like Flora.

Is there no one wanting a loving, little girl in desperate need of a great home.

Don't let me down guys! we need you and Flora's waiting patiently, who ever you are!

come on make your life a better life with a loving little Bengal in it biggrin

Posted on 18 Feb 2013 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Anyone looking for a Bengal pet, We Need Your Help!

We were contacted a couple of days ago by a lady called Teena who has a beautiful Bengal female who unfortunately isn't settling well with them, Teena has two other cats and 5 year old Flora is not taking very well to her other little queen Mia.

Flora has been with Teena since October 2012 but unfortunately, she is not a happy cat. Teena is concerned that Flora is getting very stressed and this is affecting her normally gentle and loving behavior.
We should also mention Flora is nervous and not confident around children so we would be looking for a child free home too. Sorry guys but we are thinking of your little one's maybe being scratched by Flora if she was frightened.

She was born 11 October 2007 to a breeder in Huddersfield.
Her pedigree name is Ticklefoot Queen of Spades, but she is known as Flora.
Flora has full pedigree details going back to Great-great grandparents.

Flora has been spayed (2008) and she is also microchipped.
On checking the paperwork for her Teena noticed her Vacs were not up to date and is currently sorting that out, She has also been wormed and checked for fleas etc.

So guys we are looking for a good and loving home preferably with no other cats in residence so that Flora can settle properly and be once again a happy and contented little treasure.

Teena is asking for £100.00 only for this little sweetheart and we think thats a steal for a pure bred and beautiful little brown/black marbled girl.

If anyone is interested please give us a ring or email us and we can put you in contact with Teena for a viewing.

Teena loves Flora very much and is concerned that Flora go to a really good home, so please if you feel you could offer a wonderful home to a sweet little Bengal, get in touch with us.

Thank you. smile

Posted on 10 Feb 2013 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Kittens Ready

We have kittens Male & Female ready to leave us now. Please contact us for more information.

Posted on 13 Jan 2013 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Christmas Special Custom Wheel and Kittens Leaving us!

We have to say here at Maclaw Bengals it's been quite an
exciting and very busy time of year.

We acquired our first beautiful F1 breeding queen the awesome and beautiful Gayzette Chani Maclaw, she has not only turned into our chief wheel tester but she has purred her way into our hearts and souls and we love her dearly.

We can't thank Frank and Pauline enough for trusting us
with such a wonderful and loving girl.

She is our pride and joy and we are now excitedly waiting for her next heat cycle when she will be going in with our fabulous stud boy Littlestar Pawnee of Maclaw Bengals.

We know her kittens are going to be the most beautiful f2 cubs and well worth the wait.

We managed to find new homes for all of Zuri's beautiful cubs and hopefully in the New Year we will find wonderful homes for our beautiful Christmas litter and Sukira's beautiful litter too. The last two of Zuri's babies went together to live with Sam and Graeme, our beautiful Snow Bear and my personal little favourite ( as she was such a grumpy little madam and a real character) Lady Cassandra.

Sam and Graeme already have two of our little stunners Miso and Tsukiko and it is these four Bengal cubs who are the lucky resipients of our very Special custom wheel " The Maclaw Wonderland".

We'd really like to thank Sam and Graeme for giving us the opportunity to make such an exciting and different design of wheel.

We had a wonderful family come to meet our special Christmas cubs and on Christmas Eve they came back to take Kris Kringle and our stunning Angel Gabriel, and we wish them well.

Although we will miss the boys we know they have gone to a fantastic home with Anne-Marie and Mark and their lovely girls Ashley and Larissa. They are seasoned cat people guys so no worries, they already have the most wonderful pair of cat's Tolo and Paddy.

We began to ship our Maclaw Wheel World wide, which has been a mammoth challenge for us and we still have not quite ironed out all of the kinks, but we are getting there..

We shipped to Spain, Germany, the USA, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, France
and we even had a delivery to a lovely gentleman breeder in Japan.

This is of course as well as doing personal deliveries within 150 mile radius of ourselves and shipping wheels all over the UK to breeders and personal customers too.

It's been exciting and very, very busy for us but we have really enjoyed the challenges we have faced over the past 12 month and we would like to say a big THANK YOU to each and every one of our fantastic customers who have bought the Maclaw Wheel.

We hope your beautiful cat/s and kitten/s get many, many years of pleasure and good health from their Wheels and we very much look forward to more wonderful video clips and photographs which we are more than happy to put on our website.

As the year comes to a close we would just like to say to all who bought our wheel or came to view our beautiful cubs, we wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Posted on 26 Dec 2012 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Christmas Litter

We have Billies Christmas litter, 5 boys and 1 girl ready to leave
from the 24th of December and all available as wonderful pets.

They are as follows:-

1.Winter Blizzard ( Blue eyed Seal Lynx Point Snow )
2.Kris Kringle (Santa's little leopard) RESERVED
3.Tiny Tim ( the smallest but extremely cute )
4.Gabriel ( wing markings on his shoulders, a real christmas angel) RESERVED
5.Balthazar ( Our biggest boy, a true king)
6.Holly Berry ( the only girl but really special a beautiful little Princess)

They are all super friendly kittens and so playful,
a real credit to their Fabulous Mother - Shonar Queen Jardis Maclaw (my Billie).



Posted on 19 Dec 2012 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Happy Birthday Chani

On the 31st October our very special F1 girl
Gayzette Chani Maclaw was one year old.

We have been very busy here at Maclaw Bengals with delivering, making and shipping wheels, sorting our outdoor enclosures ready for the Winter and making sure our beautiful kittens are ready to go to their forever homes and quite honestly we forgot all about posting the news of our Chani's birthday, but that doesn't mean we didn't celebrate her birthday because we did!

Chani eats mostly raw and she just loves beef heart, which is what she had for her special birthday tea. She's so loving and friendly Chani lives in the house with us and frankly we spoil her, she got a new teddy bear cushion which she proudly drags around by the ears. We decided to call him Paddy as thats what she does to him. She pads him constantly while purring like a motor mower.

And if we say go and get Paddy, she does...

Happy Birthday Chani we look forward to the day when we
announce the birth of your first cubs.

Posted on 04 Nov 2012 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Zuri's Kittens Available

We still have 3 beautiful kittens available from Zuri's latest litter
including our gorgeous Seal Mink Snow boy Arctic Snowbear.(Snowbear is now reserved)

All of Zuri's kittens are ready to leave us from the 16th November 2012

If you would like to enquire about this litter, please use our
SBT Kitten Enquiry form or give us a call 07842 622 630..

Head into Zuri's kitten page to see the other kittens.


Posted on 03 Nov 2012 by Gary Hodgson

Get well soon Zues

We got an email last week advising us that our beautiful Zues had been run down by a car. Steve his owner had been informed by the RSPCA that a kind person had found him injured by the side of the road and took him into them.

They immediately took him to the vet and poor boy had cuts,
bruises and a broken jaw.

Zues is one of the lucky one's he wasn't killed outright.

We chipped Zues ourselves so we are really happy that the RSPCA
were able to scan him and let Steve know he was with them.

Zues is now at home and although he has his jaw wired Steve tells us
he's eating like a horse and chasing his housemates around as usual.

We hope he is fully recovered very soon.

This is one of many reasons why we at Maclaw Bengals prefer our kitten owners to keep their Bengals as house cats. Unless you live in a completely rural setting, your Bengal if let out is in danger from dogs, traffic or even from being stolen.

Please consider carefully before you let these beautiful animals run loose.

An outdoor enclosure is a much better option for these wonderful cats if you really must let them out side. And there are many other ways of enriching your Bengals life with out letting him or her out and putting them in danger.

Posted on 29 Oct 2012 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Happy Birthday Zuri

Our beautiful seal mink queen Tatudtiger Serenity is five years old today and we have planned a lovely tea for her with her very favourite fresh tuna steak.

Zuri is at present still nursing her 6 beautiful kittens, although they are now almost 9 weeks old we don't remove them from Zuri as she is very confident and a brilliant Mother.

We are extremely proud of Zuri as she is the mother of our fabulous stud Duncan Maclaw.

Happy Birthday Zuri we love you and hope you have a fantastic birthday, you are our matriarc and we are so proud of your wonderful kittens.


Posted on 17 Oct 2012 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Santa's Little Elves

This is Miso and Tsukiko, their Mum has given them cute Christmas outfits
and quite honestly we think they are so cute we just couldn't resist letting everyone see them.

How sweet are Santa's little elves?


Posted on 15 Oct 2012 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Thank you Graeme

We got the most wonderful email from one of our lovely kitten owners and we just had to share his comments , Graeme and Samantha own Miso and Tsukiko although quite honestly we believe it's the other way around.

We want to say a big thank you to both Graeme and Sam, they are the kindest people and frankly we know our kittens are as safe with them as they were with us.

Afternoon guys,

Hope you are well?

Well we've had our little ones for 3 months now so I thought I'd email you guys myself just as an update on my perspective of Bengal ownership, as normally Sam would email!

To start with, I LOVE them. No other words describe it!

They have very fast, settled into our way of doing things; up at 6am every morning, (much to Sam's disgust!) as I get up for work early. They NEVER ask for food! They know that food is there for them and what time they get their wet food, which is a lovely feeling!

They're sat on the windowsill waiting for us to get in from work, they know the noise of the car doors, the keys in the door and the sounds of the tap running!

They're very vocal, but each chirp and chatter gives us a closer understanding as to what they need or want to show us!

Despite people saying to us that they are definately not lap cats, ours will fight for a spot on our lap every night without fail!

Miso has taken to the bath very well, he loves to plod about in a nice mildly warm bath, he loves the deep water up to his neck! Kiko, well, she is a little wimp! Loves the Taps and the fountain though!

Some of their favourite games to play so far are; bite my fingers hidden under a cushion! Chase the drinking straw, they LOVE a retractable tape measure! and they love being up on top of the kitchen units ready to get us when we go in the cupboards!

At first we kept them in their bedroom during the day, and then once a week we would leave them downstairs when we went out shopping etc, now, they go to their room around 10pm, up at 6am, we can now trust them to stay downstairs all day! We're looking into setting up a movement based camera system to record their activities, as I doubt they sleep all day!

Kiko's scar from her op has almost healed fully, the vet made the incision very close to one of the rosette outlines so the scar hasn't messed their pattern at all!
Both are very healthy and eating well, but selectively. At first they were like vultures, now they eat when hungry.
Our monthly Cat bill doesn't even register on our budget!

Both are doing extremely well and I think they are very happy in their forever home.
We have established boundaries which they sometimes obey haha.

Well I'll wrap it up now, just thought it would be nice to give you my perspective so far!

Speak to you guys soon when we put an order in for a wheel!!

Graeme. :)


Posted on 14 Oct 2012 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Well done Billie!

Our beautiful little queen Shonar Bengals Queen Jardis Maclaw (Billie) gave birth to 6 stunning kittens yesterday. We have 5 stunning little brown/black babies and 1 pure snow.

Billie is tired but content and sleeping peacefully with all
six of her little one's latched and feeding.

We are so pleased everything went well and Billie is a wonderful mother.

This litter won't be due to leave us until Christmas day!

So we plan to give them all special Christmas related pedigree names.


Posted on 26 Sep 2012 by Jacqueline Hodgson

We Have Kittens Available

We have Bengal's ranging from 6 months old to new kittens ready to leave us in November, so if you are looking for a new Kitten or perhaps want a kitten thats a little bit older, please complete our Kitten Enquiry Form
or alternatively you can give us a call on 07842 622 630.

Our Kittens are stunning fully pedigreed high quality Bengal's
(TICA Registered)


Posted on 14 Sep 2012 by Gary Hodgson

Congratulations Sukira and Duncan

Our beautiful Suki was getting very stressed after her last litter of kittens were weaned. Sukira gets very stressed and calls from the moment the kittens are 6 weeks old.

She just loves being a Mum, we talked to a veterinary friend who advised us she could be given an injection to knock her out of call but that can affect her heat cycles in the future, she can also be given hormone tablets but they can knock them out of call for months! we didn't like the sound of that.

Our friend also advised Sukira was young and healthy enough so to bring her stress levels down naturally we could put her back to our Stud Duncan who loves her dearly, so we decided we would let her have another litter of kittens to see how she settles.

From the moment she went back to Duncan Maclaw they were chasing each other, playing on their Maclaw wheel and he licked her all over, from their purrs and the look on their faces we knew we'd done the right thing. Duncan misses her when she comes back into the house to have her babies, but he always gets plenty of love and cuddles from us to help until she comes back to him.

And on the 31st. August 2012 Sukira Maclaw gave birth to 6 little stunners.

We are very pleased with the resulting litter, all are brown/black spotted and all are beautiful. Both they and Mum are doing really well. We don't disturb our queens for the first couple of weeks so we have no idea what sex the kittens are yet but we'll let you know very soon.

Congratulations Duncan and Sukira we are so proud of both of you.


Posted on 10 Sep 2012 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Zuri's New Babies

Maclaw Bengals is pleased to announce Tatudtiger Serenity Maclaw
gave birth to six beautiful healthy kittens on Friday 17th. August.

Zuri as we call her, is doing very nicely and the six kittens are all feeding well and looking beautiful and chubby. We have three queens and three studs.

We are so pleased with Zuri as she not only gave us six beautiful kittens but two of them are Seal Mink Snows and absolutely stunning.

The kittens are just over one week old now and just starting to open their eye's. Zuri is a wonderful mother and we never have to intervene when she has kittens as she just gets on with it, she's a true star.

Posted on 26 Aug 2012 by Jacqueline Hodgson

New Home Required

One of our lovely breeding queens Forest Gems Mia Maclaw has been retired.

Our beautiful Mia is an absolutely lovely Bengal and a sweet natured girl when it comes to people, however we have some special requirements for Mia if anyone is considering her as their very, very special pet.

Mia does not get on with other cat's! this is not something we say lightly.

Mia was spayed in March and we thought once her hormones settled down she would be fine to be our pet Bengal and live with us. We also have a huge grey main coon called Logan and a sweet little black and white Moggy called Penny. Mia terrorises them terribly!, she attacks Logan full on who really is a big gentle giant and can't understand why he's being so aggressively attacked.

Penny now refuses to come in the house at all as she is terrified of Mia and at 13 years old I don't think it's fair. We had to get her and Logan a special cat house in the garden so they have somewhere warm, dry and comfortable to sleep out of doors.

We are looking for a very specific type of home for Mia, with people she's quite shy at first but very friendly and purrs all of the time. She really does require a home with no other cats at all, so if anyone is interested please get in touch with us we would welcome a genuine person or family looking for a great older cat as a pet, Mia has a page on our website and there are loads of pictures of her and all her details.

She's four years old and very playful. She would make a wonderful pet for a single person or a family. She has no bad habits, is fully up to date with vaccinations and health checks. We think her aggressive behaviour toward other cats is because she was such a good mother to all of her kittens.

She would be £200.00 to the right people.

Posted on 13 Aug 2012 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Bye Rory and Aria

Two of our beautiful babies left us today to go and live with Carole and Tom
(Pocket Rocket Bengals).
They are leaving us to be breeding cats and although we are sad to see them go, we know Carole will take excellent care of our gorgeous and much loved kittens.

So we bid a fond farewell to both Rory and Aria and wish them a long and happy life with Pocket Rocket Bengals, Cambridgeshire. wub

Posted on 22 Jul 2012 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Happy Birthday Cory

Cory was one year old on Monday 8th. July
This Big sweetheart is one of our kittens from last year.

We kept Cory as he had PPM and although it does not affect him in anyway we were concerned it may cause him problems in later life. And the specialist we took him to could not guarantee it wouldn't.

Cory had a nice day chasing around his enclosure with his two best mates Diablo and Orion, they have their own Maclaw wheel and all three take turns running on it and pushing each other off, at tea time we had a chicken wings party for them and they all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Happy Birthday Cory we love you loads wub

Posted on 10 Jul 2012 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Available Kittens

We still have kittens available from each of our 3 litters, if you would like
to come and look at any of these beautiful babies, you can look in our
SBT Available Kittens area where you will find updated images of all the kittens and the ones still available are clearly listed.

Most of the kittens are ready to leave right now, apart from Suki's litter..

If you are interested in coming to see our kittens please complete our
Kitten Enquiry Form or alternatively you can give us a call on
07842 622 630.


Posted on 01 Jul 2012 by Gary Hodgson

Sukira's crazy kittens!

We always play with all our kittens here at Maclaw Bengals and we have found our kittens all love the feather wand.

At the end of the day when all our kittens go back to their enclosures for the night I tidy all their toys away and put them in the cupboard in our kitten room.

As I was passing Sukira's kittens last night I picked up the feather wand and waved it in front of the five of them who were all asleep! or so I thought!
This was the result biggrin

Posted on 27 Jun 2012 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Happy Birthday to our Handsome Duncan

Duncan Maclaw was 3 years old on Thursday 7th. June.
We've been so busy here at Maclaw Bengals with our three kitten litters, we just haven't had the time to update our news post.

But we just had to take time out to wish our handsome stud boy GB Silverpride Duncan Maclaw a very Happy Birthday.

Duncan had a quiet day sunning himself in his enclosure and running on his Maclaw Wheel, at tea time he had roast chicken breast ( one of his favourite meals) and then we let him out into the garden for a good run around and of course loads of cuddles.

Happy Birthday Duncan, we are very proud of our very handsome big boy.


Posted on 10 Jun 2012 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Kittens Available to View

On the 19th May 2012 our litters from Billie & Dineo are ready for viewing..

We have some fantastic potential show / breeding kittens from each litter..

If you are interested in coming to see our kittens please complete our Kitten Enquiry Form or alternatively you can give us a call on 07842 622 630


Posted on 08 May 2012 by Gary Hodgson

Happy First Birthday Billie

Thursday 12th. April is our Billie's first birthday, as she is looking after her seven new babies she will be having a very quiet birthday.

Billie is a very high contrast little stunner who came to us from Lynne and Liam at Shonar Bengals.

She took to being a mother like a duck to water and for such a small queen we are very pleased to report she managed to deliver her brood all by herself. With a lot of encouragement from me of course !

Billie will be having her favourite chicken breast for her special birthday tea tomorrow and then will be settling down with her kittens for a nice relaxing afternoon nap of cuddles and purring.

So we'd just like to say Happy Birthday Billie and we are so proud of you.


Posted on 11 Apr 2012 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Kittens and Twitter

Our First Kittens of 2012 Have Arrived

The kitten season has started here at Maclaw Bengal's with the arrival of litters from Billie, Dineo and Suki and another expected from Zuri in May. All kitten's look fantastic and we think we have some real stunner's that have potential for show or breeding. We have also welcomed what we hope to be our first Seal Lynx (Blue Eyed Snow) from Billie..

The SBT Available Kittens area has been updated with a page
dedicated to each litter, more updates soon..

As with all our kitten's, we don't allow anyone to come and see them until they are 8 weeks of age, so the kitten's will not be available to view until May. If you are interested in one of our kittens, please use our SBT Kitten Enquiry form located on the left navigation or you can give us a call..


Maclaw Bengal's have joined Twitter to help us better communicate interesting daily updates on our Cat's and Cat Wheels.

You can follow us @ maclawbengals

Posted on 09 Apr 2012 by Gary Hodgson

Happy 4th. Birthday Mia

Our beautiful Mia was four yesterday and as she is expecting kitten's early in April she had a very quiet day. She had a nice tea of her favourite fresh Tuna and then proceeded to sleep for a good six hours.

Mia is one of our more experienced queen's and has given us some lovely kitten's in the past.

She has always been an excellent mother to her kitten's and makes sure they are always spotlessly clean, well fed and loved to bits.

So from all of us at Maclaw Bengals A Very Happy Birthday Mia, we love our special birthday girl.

wub wub wub

Posted on 12 Mar 2012 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Ziggy Stardust

We like to keep in touch with the owner's of our kitten's and encourage them to send us updates and pictures.

We recently spoke to Louise who informed us that Ziggy her young Bengal now has two new kitten's to play with, she sent along a nice set of pictures and we just wanted to share with everyone what a handsome boy he is.
Ziggy Stardust is one of our beautiful Zuri's babies from last year.

Isn't he just gorgeous?

Posted on 02 Mar 2012 by Jacqueline Hodgson

Goodbye Lily Maclaw - Video

In January 2012 we sadly lost Lily Maclaw, our first ever Bengal.

Lily accidentally got a small bite from one of our male Bengal's when playing and unfortunately this resulted in blood poisoning, Lily had the best care from our Vets, she did start to pick up, but in the end was not strong enough to survive.

Lily only ever had one litter of Kittens with us as she lost her 2nd litter and had to be spayed in 2011, but our love for Bengal's and desire to breed all started with Lily and we will miss her very much, this video is our little tribute to our beautiful girl..


Posted on 25 Feb 2012 by Gary Hodgson

Kitten Calendar for 2012

Our kitten calendar for 2012 is now available
in the SBT Available Kittens area..

More updates soon laugh

Posted on 30 Jan 2012 by Gary Hodgson

Archived News

we have archived off all 2011 news..

If you want to check back on any previous posts from
last year, just check out our News Archives page on the left nav.


Posted on 21 Jan 2012 by Gary Hodgson

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