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My husband Allan and I have three children all boys. We live in the North East of England and have always had cats. Our love of the Bengal breed started in 2009 when we got our very first Bengal, Lounge leopard Tiger
Lily Maclaw.

We have three chicken's which we keep for eggs, a pond full of fish and a beautiful fluffy caramel coloured moggy called Dexter Heisenberg. Dexter
has been brought up with our Bengals and quite frankly he thinks he is one, as no one has told him otherwise he behaves much like a normal Bengal does. If there is such a thing as a normal Bengal!!

Our boys are grown up now and all are mad pet people just like us.

David our eldest lives with his wife Laura, and their three children Adam, Dylan, and our new granddaughter Neve.

Our middle son Gary is still living at home and has a sweet little old black and white cat called Penny which he has had since we got her from a rescue centre 13 years ago. She loves him dearly and licks him whenever she can as she thinks he's her kitten.

Our youngest son Paul lives in Lincoln with his partner Lloyd, they have two cats, Miya who is an older cat and completely blind since birth, they got her from an advertisement when her previous owner could no longer look after her, and TJ Maclaw who is a beautiful Bengal and obviously came from us. Both cats get on very well. They also have a large quantity of pet rat's ! yes ! I said rats. Lloyd breed's these rats with great love and care to make sure the ones he sells on are very good natured and as healthy as they can possibly be.

Bengals are not your average cat and although I believe we know quite a lot about them, we are still learning and will continue to learn new things about these unique cats every day.

Jacqueline Hodgson